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Buy from us electric and diesel forklift trucks for your warehouse, logistic unit and production unit. The material handling equipment can be driven safely by a person for the movement of goods.
Electric Automobile
Buy from us two seated and four seater electric vehicles for commercial purpose. The battery operated vehicles cause no air pollution.
Motor Controllers
Get motor controllers for forklift trucks, and other electronic and industrial equipment. The role of the controllers is to regulate the speed of motor. Other factors that are regulated include torque and position outputs.
Sports Utility Vehicle
If you are fond of sports like driving off roads, then you will need a sports utility vehicle. The light in weight vehicle is offered in two models. The four-wheeler can handle different types of terrain.
Garbage Collecting Vehicle
Get in touch with us to get an electric garbage collecting vehicle. This vehicle moves from area to area of a specific region to collect garbage from homes, shops, etc. This service is provided by government to keep the city clean.
Forklift Spare Parts
Customers can buy from us forklift as well as its parts. The range of forklift spare parts is wide and comprises battery charger, battery meter, and more. The parts can be easily repaired as well as replaced.
Street Legal EEC Approved Vehicle
Order from is Street Legal EEC Approved Vehicle in the design, capacity of your choice. The battery operated vehicle can be driven smoothly. It can be used for carrying passengers from one place to another; covering short distances.
Earth Moving Equipments
In our section of earth moving equipments, you can find dumper truck. This vehicle is mainly used for transporting heavy goods, like mined material, construction material, etc.
Electric Jeep
If you are a traveller and want to save fuel expenses then you must buy an electric jeep. The 5 passenger jeep an run at maximum speed of 60km/h.
Electric Bus
Electrical bus is designed with the purpose of use in a shuttle service business. Electric motor is used to drive this bus. Customers can free to choose from the different models in the offering.
Electric Truck
In the segment of electric truck, we have load carrying truck and fire fighting truck. This version is better than traditional trucks can it can be driven comfortably while saving enormous fuel cost.
Electric Rickshaw
Get an electric rickshaw to earn your living. The battery operated rickshaw has a capacity of five passengers at a time. This is the perfect conveyance for people who want to travel shorter distances.